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Arugam Bay

The surfers’ paradise that is Arugam Bay has grown over time. The first hotels were constructed in the 1970s, and they all had interesting histories and archetypical owners who gave them character. A group of locals and foreigners with a love of the outdoors and water sports helped small hotels and family-run businesses after the 2004 tsunami, and they also included underprivileged locals in tourism-related activities. They gave back a portion of their income to help protect the mangroves.

From the Pottuvil Lagoon down to the village of Panama, the area surrounding Arugam Bay is home to fascinating landscapes in astounding shades of green. It’s a chance to experience the island’s wild side and see a variety of colorful endemic birds and wild animals, including elephants, crocodiles, water buffalos, monkeys, and other jungle dwellers.

Ways to Arrive.
Bus no.
from Colombo to Arugam Bay comes in. 98, which runs from Colombo to Pottuvil and occasionally from Colombo to Panama. Both private and public bus stations in Colombo Fort offer bus boarding. There is a 450-550/= LKR cost for the approximately 8-hour journey.

Ticketing for the Super Line A/C bus is available at the Colombo Fort private bus station. It travels from Akkaraipattu to Colombo. About 1100/= LKR was spent on tickets. There are town bus connections from Akkaraipattu to Pottuvil available all day long.

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