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Peradeniya Botanical Garden

Peradeniya is a magnificent monument from the British era that is situated 500 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the river Mahaveli. It is a must-see while visiting Kandy and some of its mystic temples. .

The largest botanical garden in Sri Lanka is beautifully kept. King Wickramabahu III’s reign ended in 1371. It was originally intended to be the queen’s pleasure garden, but it was later expanded for the amusement of visiting royals.

Under British influence, the garden underwent a transformation into a botanical garden in 1821. A well-kept landscape with a range of themes covers more than 150 hectares of the area. Some rare species in Sri Lanka can find shelter in Peradeniya thanks to the abundance of flora and fauna.

The garden’s tropical vegetation is distinguished by a variety of species, including strange-looking palm trees, enormous royal coconut tree avenues, incredible huge bamboos and climbing plants, lofty trees with intriguing shapes and extraordinary fruits, and an orchid house with an unbelievable range of this delicate flower. The garden conveys a sense of the many opportunities that a prosperous earthly existence might present.

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