Sri Lanka Travel Tips

Tissamaharama and Kirinda Beach

Tissamaharama, where guests of Kataragama as well as nature lovers like to stay, is located in the south close to Nationalparks in the area. If you would rather stay in a quiet village, you should choose Kirinda, a coastal community 12 kilometers south of Tissamaharama.

Even one of the island’s earlier Kingdoms goes by the name “Tissa.”. From here, 2200 years ago, the Kingdom of Ruhuna was governed. Additionally, because the renowned King Dutthagamunu was born in this city, it is seen as a symbol for defense against invaders from South India. The majority of the old city’s ruins are close to Tissa Wewa, the island’s most well-known and impressive water tank. The water’s surface reflects enormous trees with stunning crowns all around.

One of Sri Lanka’s 16 holiest Buddhist sites is the 56-meter-high Dagoba of Tissamaharama, which is worth visiting.

Diving excursions to the Basses Reeve frequently depart from the fishing village of Kirinda. A rock temple with a statue and a tiny white Dagoba is situated close to the ocean, and dark rocks encircle the river’s estuary, the Kirindi Oya.

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