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Yala National Park

It is worthwhile to get up early in order to reach Yala National Park at dawn if you want to take part in an exciting safari with endangered species you’ve never seen before.

The most popular destination is Yala National Park West, also known as Ruhuna National Park, which is famous for its wild and endangered animals, including elephants and leopards, two of the most beloved by tourists. Of the 1300 km2 that make up the entire Yala region, 40 km2 are primarily used as tourist trails. Recently, Yala’s additional blocks were made accessible to tourists. The concept of a wildlife sanctuary first surfaced around 1900 and was expanded in 1938 with the creation of Wilpattu, a second enormous wildlife park. Yala East was then expanded in 1969. The National Park Yala West is 35 km from the sea and features stunning sand dunes and beaches.

We strongly advise traveling with a knowledgeable guide who can point out uncommon animals that you have never seen before and frequently are unable to spot!

Entry fees for Yala National Park.
$28 (€ 18).

Note: Tickets cost $19 / €14 for larger groups of 8–10 people.

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